You cheat not only the game but yourself when you don’t track all your spending

The meme “You cheated not only the game but yourself” applies equally well to when you hide certain purchases from your spending tracking. I don’t know how up you are on your Twitch streamers, but I quite enjoy watching certain … Read MoreRead More

You can still save for retirement after you’ve retired

If your circumstances permit it, you can continue to save for your future for many years after your retirement. We tend to think of retirement as an event. One day you are working, and boom, the next day, you’re retired. … Read MoreRead More

You can save more (and not have it hurt)

I’m a big fan of Ramit Sethi. (He’s the “I will teach you to be rich” guy.) I bought his Advanced Personal Finance course, and I don’t buy personal finance courses often. (I still do plan on reviewing that product here.) … Read MoreRead More

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How do you know how much money you need?

Let’s face it: you probably have no idea how much you need to save in your life. This isn’t your fault. Like so much of financial security, we’re not taught anything in a comprehensive, start-to-finish sort of way. So we … Read MoreRead More


You don’t need to wait until you’re old or rich to see the world

I’ve been in Scotland for the past week, the first time I’ve been here in about twenty years. The first time I was here was on a break from college. I had taken a spring semester off, and was planning … Read MoreRead More

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Confessions of a nerdy kid, or the pleasures of saving up for things

I was a super nerdy kid. If you doubt this, this story will confirm it. When I was in middle school, I became very interested in Bulletin Board Systems (or BBSs). These were computer networks that allowed you to communicate … Read MoreRead More

Separate your savings

  I once went to an ATM in a tourist area (Pearl Harbor to be specific). Finding an old receipt in the receipt slot, I removed it, buy being the nosy person that I am, I looked at it before … Read MoreRead More

You can determine how much things cost

  If I told you that you could have something you really wanted for $600, but you could also have it for $19 a month for three years, which one would you choose? If you chose the latter, I invite … Read MoreRead More

How to keep your miles from expiring without spending extra money

  Far too many sites about travel hacking seem to talk endlessly about how to get zillions of frequent flyer miles by signing up for credit card bonuses (that require spending thousands of dollars in a certain period of time). … Read MoreRead More