How to reduce money conflicts on vacation

Vacation can be stressful, especially when not everyone has the same impulses when it comes to spending. But you can reduce money conflicts. Traveling can be stressful in lots of ways. In normal times, there’s the stress of getting from … Read MoreRead More

How to travel debt-free

Most people travel and then figure out how to pay for it, but with my plan, you figure it out in advance and come home debt-free. We’re at the point in the pandemic where the average person in the U.S. … Read MoreRead More

Don’t let money be your excuse

Not having money can make things more difficult, but you can modify your goals to be more achievable, once you know what your excuses are. I’ve long wondered whether you don’t really like to travel as much as you say … Read MoreRead More


You don’t need to wait until you’re old or rich to see the world

I’ve been in Scotland for the past week, the first time I’ve been here in about twenty years. The first time I was here was on a break from college. I had taken a spring semester off, and was planning … Read MoreRead More

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Does frequent travel conflict with financial well-being?

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ve no doubt seen me periodically talk about my quest to see one new country a year. You might find this topic potentially a diversion, even perhaps antithetical, to much of … Read MoreRead More

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Calculate the opportunity cost

Opportunity cost can be defined as “the value of the choice of a best alternative lost while making a decision.” Or, more colloquially, it’s “what you could have done if you had chosen differently.” I’ve talked before that one should consider … Read MoreRead More

My ideas for my new country for the year

  All this talk about me helping you decide where your next “new country” trip is going to be rather sidesteps the slightly uncomfortable fact that I myself don’t actually know where my own “new country” trip is going to … Read MoreRead More

How to determine where to travel next

  I have a travel goal. Every year, I travel to a new country. Seeing one new country in a year is possible without quitting your job or being independently wealthy. In fact, it’s a challenge that starts out rather … Read MoreRead More

The best time to travel is coming up soon!

  It’s getting to be my favorite time of the year in the US for flying! Planes will be empty, fares will be cheap, airports will be a breeze to get to and around in. I’ve already booked a flight, and … Read MoreRead More

Most people never leave their backyard, or The speed of adulthood

  We were standing on the top of the Arc de Triomphe. (Side note: no, this was not something I thought you could do, but it was great that we could.) It was a kind of “triomphe” for my Mom, … Read MoreRead More