M-Path: Group coaching

M-Path: Group coaching

Develop a plan for your money while eliminating money anxiety forever. All in a supportive environment of people just like you.

Do you make money, but never seem to have money?

Do you feel anxious about money?

Do you feel like money has control over you, rather than you having control over money?

Do you have no idea what it means to “be good with money”?

Are money conflicts causing havoc in your personal life?

Do most financial professionals feel unhelpful, because they don’t understand the emotional side of money?

Do you just want a step-by-step money plan you can follow that doesn’t start and end with “spend less money”? 

M-Path: The Money/Mindset Masterclass

An 8-week, small-group class for professionals containing everything you need to build wealth, develop resilience and eliminate money anxiety once and for all.

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The truth is: Money is an emotional challenge masquerading as a math problem. It doesn’t matter how much money you make; you will only have money once you learn to manage it intentionally, and that can only happen once you understand your relationship to money. Once you have that, you can put a plan in place and leave money anxiety behind forever.


Know What To Do

Imagine if you knew what to do with your money when it came in, *before* it even came in.

Don't Endlessly Chase Money

Imagine if you knew what MORE money even meant. 🤔

Less Conflict, More Connection

Imagine if you understood how to communicate successfully about money and what it means to you, such that you could get better connected with a partner who was willing to do the same work.

Freedom To Spend

Imagine if you had enough money to spend freely on what you love, but with enough money to put away for the future as well.

Know What You Want

Imagine if you knew your financial goals—with specifics—such that you didn’t have to perpetually chase MORE money.

Get A Plan

Imagine creating a plan of your money that eventually rockets to millionaire status…and beyond.

Money is an emotional challenge masquerading as a math problem.

What we'll cover

In this 8-week class, we'll cover the following topics:

😌Week 1:

  • Mindfulness and managing avoidance
  • Financial goals
  • Basic expense tracking

💸Week 2:

  • Cashflow and the “b-word”
  • Money Attachment Style
  • Managing negative self-talk 

⛓️Week 3:

  • Debt in all its forms
  • Credit cards, reports, and scores
  • Acting wealthy versus being wealthy

🤝Week 4:

  • Savings accounts
  • Saving for big things
  • Connecting with a partner over money

💨Week 5:

  • Income and how to make more
  • The problem with “more money”
  • How to make a plan for your money

🏡Week 6:

  • Mortgages and home buying
  • Owning versus renting
  • Managing “house fever” and hopelessness

🏖️Week 7:

  • Investing and retirement
  • What does it mean to retire?
  • Is it too late?

🔮Week 8:

  • Future dreaming
  • Abundance/generosity
  • Putting together your money success toolkit

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Is this class for you?

This offer IS for you if:

  • You’re making good enough money but don’t know where it’s going.
  • You are sick and tired of money stress.
  • You don’t fear tackling the emotions around money.
  • You’re ready to make a change.
  • You’re willing to adopt new behaviors around money.

This offer is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not ready to change your habits.
  • You’re too busy to commit to doing the work.
  • You want someone to manage your money for you.
  • You’re not interested in the emotional side of money.
  • You’re looking for a “get rich quick” scheme.
"[R]ecognizing that I have what I need & if I need more it will be available to me is a secure money attachment/spirituality 101 in a nutshell, and is a belief that I can choose to adopt in my own life."
M-Path attendee

Meet your instructor

Mike Pumphrey, AFC®

I spent years feeling anxious about money and dealing with money scarcity. 

Due to this, I spent those years learning the ins and outs of how to make money work for me, developing tactics that can help maximize the impact that I could make with limited money.

Then, as my income grew, my anxiety seemed to be disconnected from the amount of money I was making. From this, I learned that money anxiety is not solved by making more money!

So I’m one of the few financial professionals who understand that money is as much an emotional issue as it is a numbers game, and can lean in as strongly to the difficult emotional challenges as I can the practicalities.

And I can’t wait to work with you so that you can do the same.

"I really enjoyed your willingness to challenge conventionally held beliefs about money...[I]t is very clear that you have been well therapized and are very conversant in emotions, which is so nice especially when talking about something as charged as money, and even nicer especially coming from a dude."
M-Path attendee

Most recent class

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
6 PM – 7:30 PM Pacific Time

Class meets every week at the same time for eight weeks, ending November 7, 2023

Price: $597

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  • Classes will be live and virtual (Zoom).
  • Each class is 90 minutes.
  • Classes will include instruction, practice, and small group discussion.
  • There will be some homework in between sessions.
  • Active participation is required! Please keep those webcams on so we can see you.
  • Please bring a willingness to share and be vulnerable.
  • Attendees will also have access to a private chat platform to communicate with other participants. Let’s build some community!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions people often ask about M-Path:

➡️ Will these classes be recorded?

Each session will be 100% live. The purpose of this class is to interact with others in a supportive, shared environment, and you don’t really get that with a prerecorded session. Also, confidentiality is crucial here, so recordings will not be made. If you want to participate, you will have to show up live.

➡️ What if I have to miss a session?

I hope you’ll be there for every session, but I know life happens. I can share any materials that we worked with after the fact, but unfortunately I won’t be able to redo the session with you if you miss it.

➡️ What makes this class different from other money classes?

Most money professionals often treat money as a math problem to be solved. Unfortunately, the human experience is complex, and our emotions and our identity can get in our way. So this class is both a way to develop your personalized money blueprint, as well as a deep dive into the emotions around money.

➡️ Why should I pay for a class on money if I'm having money challenges?

This class is an investment in your financial future, and the lessons you learn here you can take with you and use for the rest of your life. I fully expect you to make back the money you spend on the class by the time the class is over. That said, if you are truly struggling with money (as in, having trouble paying your bills), then this class is probably not for you. We will welcome you back when you’re on firmer financial footing!

➡️ Who is this class for?

This class is for professionals who making money but aren’t making progress. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I have income, but where does it all go?” then this class is for you. Also, if you’re sick of money anxiety, money conflicts, and money stress, and want to do a deep work to find out how to make money work for you, you will be right at home.

➡️ Is this class for individuals or can couples attend too?

We welcome people in all relationship styles to the group, but because so much of the work is internal and personal, each person must register individually.

➡️ Is this class polyamory-, queer-, and/or trans-friendly?

I will work to ensure that this is a safe space for everyone. To this end, I will normalize the sharing of pronouns, not assume the gender of participants or their partners, and not assume that one has only a single partner. I will ask that all participants share the same behaviors, and will not tolerate any hate-speech or behaviors that make anyone feel unsafe. If you have questions about your needs around this subject, please reach out.

➡️ What's the refund policy?

We are going to be doing brave, difficult, and vulnerable work together, and so it’s important to be committed to the process. Because of this, and the live nature of the class, I don’t offer refunds. I believe that if you show up you will get outsized value from the class, so I’m fully confident that a refund won’t be necessary.

"It was helpful to talk about the topic of connecting with a partner over money as well, and realize how each of us can see/value/experience the same expense differently (and that can be a good thing)!"
M-Path attendee

Space is limited. Register today!

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"I loved all of it!"
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Don't miss your chance to finally change your relationship to money.
Don't miss your chance to finally change your relationship to money.
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