How to rollover your 401(k) to Fidelity

I explore the process of doing a rollover of a 401(k) to an IRA at Fidelity Investments for the first time. UPDATE: Added in details on whether you are rolling over pre-tax funds or Roth funds. I’ve been taking a … Read MoreRead More

You can still save for retirement after you’ve retired

If your circumstances permit it, you can continue to save for your future for many years after your retirement. We tend to think of retirement as an event. One day you are working, and boom, the next day, you’re retired. … Read MoreRead More

If you were automatically enrolled in an IRA, would you opt-out?

A look at the state-run auto-IRA plans and whether they are a net benefit for employees who don’t have (or utilize) other retirement options. Not everyone has access to a workplace-retirement account like a 401(k). A few years ago, I … Read MoreRead More

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Can you do a partial rollover of a retirement plan?

So I made the decision to rollover my retirement account from TIAA(-CREF) to an IRA. I had done a transfer of a Roth IRA from Scottrade recently, and the process was seamless. I had also, a few years before, converted a … Read MoreRead More

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How to know when it’s time to rollover your old retirement plan

A little over a decade ago, I had a job with a university. I participated in their retirement plan, a 403(b) plan with TIAA-CREF (now TIAA). I still have this account. As I moved to a different job, I started … Read MoreRead More

How to transfer an IRA to Vanguard

Many years ago, when I was first learning about investing, I decided to start my own IRA. At my coworker’s suggestion, I set up the account at Scottrade. Over the course of two years, I put a little bit of money … Read MoreRead More

Why I like the Roth IRA (though it’s not why people think)

  So I hope you’ve done your taxes for the year. I used a certain online program to do my taxes, and one of the questions asked was “Did you contribute to an IRA [Individual Retirement Arrangement] this year?” If … Read MoreRead More