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Why frequent flyer miles but not grocery stores? A study in contrasting loyalty programs

I’m a big fan of collecting frequent flyer miles and points. While the airlines and hotels have done their best to devalue the extreme opportunities that there once were, I believe that there still are some great deals to be … Read MoreRead More

How to plan for award travel when you’re an infrequent flyer

  While some folks who read this site are avid travelers, zooming around the globe as frequently as a satellite, others may fly infrequently and think that award travel is completely irrelevant to them. Nonsense. Award travel is open to … Read MoreRead More

When to let your points expire

  I once wrote to not let your airline miles expire.  But there are always exceptions, and I am starting to think that there are reasons worth discussing. Sacrilege? No, just simplification and efficiency. … Read More

How to keep your miles from expiring without spending extra money

  Far too many sites about travel hacking seem to talk endlessly about how to get zillions of frequent flyer miles by signing up for credit card bonuses (that require spending thousands of dollars in a certain period of time). … Read MoreRead More

The high cost of free frequent flyer miles

  There’s a tension between having an interest in travel hacking and an interest in taking control of your finances. On one hand, the two pursuits seem to go well together. Travel hacking involves having creative travel experiences on a … Read MoreRead More

Don’t let your adventures expire

  I’ve been collecting frequent flyer miles for over a decade, when I bought one of my first plane tickets on US Airways and absentmindedly signed up for their Dividend Miles program. At the time, it didn’t seem possible that … Read MoreRead More