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The 1% Rule: How to know when to move your money

Not every deal necessitates the hassle of moving your money or accounts around, but the 1% Rule is a good threshold to keep in mind. … Read More

Should you move your emergency fund to an interest-earning account?

It’s not important to earn interest on your emergency fund, but if there is no downside, then why not do so, now that rates are so high? … Read More

Your funds are safe: Why the FDIC is amazing

A bank run and collapse just reaffirms why the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an amazing benefit to consumers. … Read More

Why Ally’s Surprise Savings is terrifying

I explore the Surprise Savings product from Ally and suggest a different way to achieve the exact same results. Last night, I was logging on to Ally to adjust some of my automatic transfers between my checking account and my … Read MoreRead More

Why a terrible savings account rate is actually just fine

Falling interest rates may seem like a concern, but it helps to illustrate what savings accounts are really for. I’ve also long talked about how you can use an online savings bank to get much higher interest rates than with … Read MoreRead More

How to create buckets in an Ally savings account

Ally has just added the ability to create Buckets, flexible sub-accounts that allow you to save for particular goals. Here’s how to use them. I guess you could say that I’m a pretty big fan of Ally. Maybe it’s that … Read MoreRead More

Ally now makes it easier to set up multiple savings accounts

Ally has changed the way that you can create multiple savings accounts. This can make your savings plans much easier to implement. Update (February 2020): Ally now allows actual buckets! Read my review here. I’m a big fan of Ally. … Read MoreRead More

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When savings rates change, is it time to switch banks?

So we all now know to not keep our savings in a big bank, or other entity that clearly doesn’t care about keeping your business. But what if you’ve already done this? What if you have your savings accounts in … Read MoreRead More

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Why you don’t want a savings account at a big bank

I talk about investments a lot, but there there’s a lot more to saving money than investing. Investments are “illiquid”, meaning you can’t just get at the money if you decide you want it. There are tax and penalty consequences … Read MoreRead More

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How to open a savings account with Ally

(Note that I don’t receive any commissions for posts like this. This is just, like, my opinion, man. Nevertheless, please read my disclosure policy.) For the longest time, the standard for an online savings account was a bank called ING Direct. … Read MoreRead More