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Mike Pumphrey - September 18, 2023

How The Rule of 55 gives you more retirement flexibility

The Rule of 55 allows you to take penalty-free retirement distributions, giving you increased flexibility even in adverse circumstances. …

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Mike Pumphrey - September 11, 2023

How PayPal keeps you safer when using a debit card

PayPal eliminates the risk of fraud by safeguarding your payment information online, making paying with a debit card just as safe as anything. …

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Mike Pumphrey - September 4, 2023

Should you borrow from your 401(k)?

A 401(k) loan is an enticing prospect during financial hardship, and may seem more preferable than a withdrawal, but the risks are vast. …

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Mike Pumphrey - August 28, 2023

Did credit cards ever make financial sense?

The original purpose of credit cards, to buy something without paying for it yet, was never a good financial decision. …

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Mike Pumphrey - August 21, 2023

Pouring the jug: How to handle when your income is irregular

I propose an allegory and model for thinking about how to deal with irregular income in a way that will help you reduce risk and uncertainty. …

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Mike Pumphrey - August 14, 2023

Why we think that no one wants to work anymore

The current ongoing staffing and labor shortages lead some to assume that no one wants to work anymore, but the reality is much more damning. …

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Mike Pumphrey - August 7, 2023

How I paid off my $40,000 in student loans

The true story of how I paid off my student loans, and the tricks I used to make it happen more easily and quickly. …

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Mike Pumphrey - July 31, 2023

What’s up with OregonSaves?

A program designed to help Oregonians save for retirement is a great option, assuming your employer knows to sign up. …

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Mike Pumphrey - July 24, 2023

Is there a connection between student loans and mental health?

A new study proposes how having student loans could be a detriment to your mental health. This seems both obvious and profound. …

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Mike Pumphrey - July 17, 2023

You might as well sign up for class action suits

You won't strike it rich, but for a few minutes of your time, a class action suit can be an easy payout, so it's probably worth it. …

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