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Should you buy gold at Costco?

After months and millions of dollars in sales, the option of buying gold at Costco is not going away. Let's find out what's going on. … Read More

How to talk about money with a partner

Connecting with a partner around money is one of the most powerful ways to grow closer and more aligned. Here's how to have the talk. … Read More

More of why I don’t pick stocks

Think you can pick the right stocks that will make you rich? You're probably wrong, as are most people, including me. … Read More

Do you have to track your spending forever?

Some people resist the idea that they should track their spending forever. But what else gives so much benefit for a small amount of work? … Read More

There is no shame in filing for unemployment (or other benefits)

We need to de-stigmatize utilizing public services such as unemployment or SNAP benefits (food stamps) when times are tough. … Read More

Would you rather: buy a new car or own a home?

I argue that for most people, you can choose to buy a new car or own a home (if you can have either of them at all), but not both. … Read More

Self-care is not doom spending

Self-care is an important part of life, and it's okay (not reckless, and certainly not doom spending) to allocate money for this purpose. … Read More

Are you doom spending?

A phrase, doom spending (or doomspending) gets to the heart of the hopelessness people face about their finances and their future. … Read More

The Buy/Rent Calculator tells it like it is

The New York Times calculator showing whether to rent or buy a home is more cost-effective has a lot of wisdom, even with unhappy news. … Read More

You aren’t smarter than the timeshare people

You aren't going to make money on a timeshare purchase. A timeshare will cost you forever, and you won't even get to use it much either. … Read More

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