The high cost of cheap flights

Spirit Airlines and other ultra-low-cost carriers may claim to offer a great value, but their low cost model carries higher risk to you. … Read More

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Calculate the opportunity cost

Opportunity cost can be defined as “the value of the choice of a best alternative lost while making a decision.” Or, more colloquially, it’s “what you could have done if you had chosen differently.” I’ve talked before that one should consider … Read MoreRead More

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How to plan a trip to anywhere via travel hacking

I was at a party recently where the conversation turned to travel. One person in particular was trying to get to a destination (somewhere in South America, I forget the specific city) the following month, and wanted to know how they … Read MoreRead More

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How you can use same day flight change rules to save on airfare

I think Alaska Airlines is pretty much the best domestic airline out there right now. Bold claim, I know, and there are many different criteria that go into such a rating, but I say this based on a combination of … Read MoreRead More

Getting my mom and I to London and back: a study in trip planning

  In my last post I talked about how my mom and I were going to Europe together. Specifically London, although we threw in Paris at the last moment. It’s a really exciting time. For me, one of the best … Read MoreRead More

A better way to combine money and miles when flying

  With the discussion about using connecting cities to find better award availability when flying, I thought I would highlight another option for maximizing travel options and minimizing cost. I call it the DIY Money and Miles option. … Read More

How to find better award availability on Alaska Airlines using connecting cities

  I’m heading to Montreal next month, which is exciting, as I’ve only been there once before, and in December, not exactly an optimal time for visiting a Canadian city. I looked at using (Alaska) miles for the trip, but … Read MoreRead More

Conferring with the enemy (Part 1): A credit card for a travel plan

All posts in this series: Conferring with the enemy (Part 1): A credit card for a travel plan Conferring with the enemy (Part 2): Fulfilling minimum spend requirements on a credit card Conferring with the enemy (Part 3): The waiting (for … Read MoreRead More

Can I help you plan a flight?

  “You could totally make a business out of that.” I was explaining the various details of my upcoming mileage run to my dinner companion. She must have noticed the wildness in my eyes as I talked excitedly about connections, … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking to get free hotels

  I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Gwangju, South Korea. The question that invariably popped up whenever I told anyone that I was staying in Gwangju (even Koreans all said this) was, “why!?” Yikes, do they know something I … Read MoreRead More