Over-water bungalows

Why standard hotel stays can be better than aspirational hotel stays

I’ve been very fortunate to stay at some pretty nice hotels. A few years ago, I stayed at the Grand Wailea on Maui for a night. I was (as far as I could tell), the only traveler staying there who … Read MoreRead More

Hotel sign

How I redeemed my points from the Priceless Surprises promotion

Earlier this year, I talked about the Priceless Surprises promotion. Put on by Mastercard and IHG, the company behind Holiday Inn and a bunch of other brands, this sweepstakes was ostensibly about staying at lots of hotels, but had a … Read MoreRead More

Flooded street

I don’t understand European bathrooms

Having just come back from two weeks in Europe (as part of my one new country per year challenge) I had a myriad of different experiences. Most of them were positive, though a few were unfortunate and of my own making. … Read MoreRead More

94 index cards: My results from the Priceless Surprises promotion

  A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Priceless Surprises promotion, a way to earn hotel points and other prizes. This promotion was sponsored by MasterCard, which presumably had a vested interest in getting you to use one of … Read MoreRead More

Hand cramps, office supplies, and a hotel sweepstakes

  Last time, I talked about the Priceless Surprises promotion, a sweepstakes which is designed to get you to stay at IHG (Holiday Inn) properties and pay with a MasterCard. However, due to laws regarding sweepstakes, there is a way … Read MoreRead More

How to potentially earn free hotel nights by filling out and mailing index cards

  I’m always on the lookout for ways to earn frequent flyer miles and hotel points without having to use credit cards. This is usually difficult. If you read travel hacking blogs, many of the articles have to do with … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking blunders: The hotel

  I’ve talked about how I’ve used travel hacking to allow me to have experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any other way. I frequently stay in hotels for free, and have on more than one occasion … Read MoreRead More

Repurpose your holidays

  I woke up on Christmas morning, excited. The streets were empty, everyone ensconced in their houses or apartments. I took off out of the city, way into the suburbs, where I had a hotel room waiting for me. Was … Read MoreRead More

Bookshelf: Heads in Beds

  (The Bookshelf series discusses certain books that are relevant to some of the major themes of this site. They are not meant to be viewed as traditional book reviews. If you’d like a real review, there are plenty of … Read MoreRead More

Anyone can get hotel elite status

  I’ve mentioned hotel elite status and its perks. It’s pretty great. But don’t take my word for it. You can get it too. … Read More