You need a budget, but do you need You Need A Budget?

I review You Need a Budget (YNAB) after having tried it for the very first time, and offer my thoughts on the service. “What money apps do you recommend I use?” is a question I get a fair amount. It’s … Read MoreRead More

You can’t pay off your debt until you do this first

If you’re trying to pay off debt without making sure that you’ve done all the necessary work first, you’ll never make any progress. Debt looms large in our financial thoughts. For example, in a list of 50 hashtags in the … Read MoreRead More

The ritual of the end-of-the-month budget freeze

When your budget has you run low on money at the end of the month, the upside is that it feels all the better when the new month begins. Wow, this last month was tight. I pretty much spent all … Read MoreRead More

Why I want you to live paycheck to paycheck

“I couldn’t make ends meet. I was living paycheck to paycheck.” “78 percent of U.S. workers live paycheck to paycheck.” “Stop living paycheck to paycheck and sign up for our credit counseling service.” The phrase “paycheck to paycheck” is a … Read MoreRead More

The surprise I got from spending only cash for a month

  For the past month, I have spent nothing but cash for all my expenses. (Bills were paid automatically.) You can read about why I did this in greater detail, but more than anything, I basically just wanted to see … Read MoreRead More

How to succeed at your first month of budgeting

  Let’s say you finally decided to make a change and create a budget for your finances. Perhaps you’ve become suitably inspired, or, like the parable of the burning building, the alternative had become that much worse. So what do … Read MoreRead More

How to combine finances when you’re non-monogamous

  So, if you’ve been following along, I talked about commingling finances for couples, and the importance of talking about dreams to get on board together. Then I hedged a bit and talked about how speaking solely of couples is inadequate, … Read MoreRead More

The importance of a shared financial strategy for couples

  In my post about how couples can combine their finances, I ended by stating that if there was any wrong answer on the many ways that such commingling was possible, it was to not talk about your strategy. If … Read MoreRead More

How couples can combine their finances

  So, you found that special someone, and decided to take the leap, either toward cohabitation, or civil union, or marriage, or anything that merits the phrase “take the leap“. Congrats! I bet one thing you’re not thinking about in all … Read MoreRead More

Low-tech alternatives to using an online budget-tracking service

  I admit that when you’re new to something, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start. “Just tell me what to do” is a common refrain in this situation (which explains diet books, and I’m not … Read MoreRead More