ATM withdrawal

Another way to track cash expenses

People have very widely varying attitudes toward cash. While some people feel money more when they spend cash, other people don’t feel it at all. In fact, the way some people have explained it to me, if the transaction doesn’t … Read MoreRead More

Hula hoops

Technology isn’t the answer to our finance problems

I believe we live in a techno-uptopian society. By this, I mean that “technology” is seen as the answer to whatever ails us. How else to describe the over-inflation that is Silicon Valley (and its cousins Silicon Alley, Silicon Forest, … Read MoreRead More

Why not pay cash for a home?

  WARNING: This post contains math. There is definitely something compelling to owning your own home, from both a psychological standpoint but also a financial standpoint. But I’m not a fan of debt. You know this by now. And in … Read MoreRead More

The surprise I got from spending only cash for a month

  For the past month, I have spent nothing but cash for all my expenses. (Bills were paid automatically.) You can read about why I did this in greater detail, but more than anything, I basically just wanted to see … Read MoreRead More

A month of living cash-only

  I’ve talked about how to spend money. When you think about it, it’s a surprisingly complex decision, and one that takes place many times a day. I’ve hammered home the point about the dangers of putting everyday spending on … Read MoreRead More

How to spend money

  You grab the items off the shelf and bring them to the counter. You hand them to the cashier, who scans it and then tells you how much it costs. The cashier then looks at you, expectantly. How do … Read MoreRead More