Mint is shutting down: what are your alternatives?

With the announcement that Mint is going away, people are looking for alternatives. But the best option is to use no service at all. If you’re a user of Mint, the personal finance app, you have probably heard the news … Read MoreRead More

What if you hate spreadsheets?

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3 reasons to ignore your bank’s spending categories

You should decide your own categories based on your specific situation. Also, your bank will always be wrong. … Read More

What is the I.B.E. Method for building wealth?

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The Target problem: Managing (over)spending at the Everything Store

Target and other big retailers that sell a wide range of products present a challenge to those who wish to track their spending. Target has been around for decades, but it only hit my radar in college, when the first … Read MoreRead More

How to Start: A beginner’s guide to managing your money

An overview of the first steps on the path to financial wellness, aimed at those who are just getting started. Recently, I was asked about what to do if you’re just getting started thinking about working on your finances. This … Read MoreRead More


Woman tracks spending, finds out she spends more than she thought. Film at 11.

I know that things that are obvious to some aren’t obvious to others. The phrase “it’s easy once you know how to do it” is both banal, profound, and very relevant. That said, when someone writes an article about something … Read MoreRead More

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How to keep track of your expenses while traveling

Another question that was asked after a recent meeting of the Portland Integrative Finance Community was regarding expense tracking and traveling, namely: “How do you overcome the challenges of tracking expenses while traveling?” Ooh, another great question! Gosh, if the … Read MoreRead More

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What to do when you have extra category money at the end of the month

At the most recent gathering of the Portland Integrative Finance Community (join for free here), we had a frank and engaging discussion about the challenges and the benefits of tracking your expenses each and every month, something I’ve done for … Read MoreRead More

Track or you will fail

  I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’s “The 4-Hour Body” recently. Perhaps I’ve been caught up in the New Year’s wave of health resolutions (though it may just be a coincidence, as I’m a year-round gym-goer) but I’ve recently thought that … Read MoreRead More