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How to stay motivated when paying off a mortgage

Creating little milestones will help you stay motivated and give you a sense of accomplishment, even if your mortgage takes years to pay off. I logged into my mortgage account this month and saw something very exciting: Do you see … Read MoreRead More

Beyond the Debt Snowball: Other ways to pay off debt (and are they worth it?)

I look at some non-traditional methods of paying off debt to see if they are any better than the Debt Snowball method. The problem: you have multiple debts, all with varying amounts, interest rates, and payback timelines. Some are secured … Read MoreRead More

You can’t pay off your debt until you do this first

If you’re trying to pay off debt without making sure that you’ve done all the necessary work first, you’ll never make any progress. Debt looms large in our financial thoughts. For example, in a list of 50 hashtags in the … Read MoreRead More

How to pay off a $10,000 debt

Paying off debt requires drive, focus, patience, and accountability. In this post I show how you can pay off a large debt. In a recent YouTube video, I talked about a hypothetical $10,000 debt. Now, for many people, this sort … Read MoreRead More

Mud crawling

My take on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps (Part 1, Baby Steps 1-3b)

I offer my opinion and review of each of Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, starting with Baby Steps 1, 2, 3, and the often-forgotten Baby Step 3b. This post is part of a two-part series: My take on Dave Ramsey’s 7 … Read MoreRead More

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If you’re still unsure about what method to use to pay off your debt

If you’re like most people, you’ve got some form of debt. It could be a car loan, it could be credit cards, or it could be “good debt” like student loans. No matter, it’s got to go. You need to get … Read MoreRead More

The Debt Math Throwdown (or testing the debt snowball)

  In my discussion about how to pay off your debt, I mentioned how there were primarily two schools of thought: pay off the highest interest rate first, or pay off the smallest debt first (a.k.a. “the debt snowball”). The … Read MoreRead More

How to figure out which debt to pay off first

  If you’re like most people, you have a few credit cards here and there, maybe a student loan payment, and perhaps a car payment. In addition, maybe you own a house and have a mortgage payment. That’s a lot … Read MoreRead More