3 reasons to ignore your bank’s spending categories

You should decide your own categories based on your specific situation. Also, your bank will always be wrong. … Read More

Bank branch

The saddest money withdrawal I’ve ever seen

I’m going on a big trip this month, and I’m pretty excited about it. One of my rituals around packing—aside from spending the week prior making a way-too-big pile of stuff in the corner of my room under the misunderstanding … Read MoreRead More

Approved/denied stamps

Does your bank know you’re traveling?

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Why foreign transaction fees are (annoying but) no big deal

  WARNING: This post contains math. Are you old enough to remember travelers checks? When I went on my first trip abroad when I was much younger, that was still the de facto method of using currency when in a … Read MoreRead More

Your bank statement is not a budget

  I get pushback from people about budgeting all the time. This is because people mistakenly believe that a budget is something that prevents you from doing things. In actuality, the exact opposite is true: you create it, so determine … Read MoreRead More

Why overdraft charges are okay (but unecessary)

  Overdraft charges are the great irony of banking. You get charged a fee when you try to make a purchase and you don’t have sufficient money in your account. It would almost be a joke if it weren’t so … Read MoreRead More