Why we believe people are rich or poor is changing

I look at three studies by the Pew Research Center on how our beliefs on why people are rich or poor are evolving, and in a promising way. I know in my heart of hearts that the vast majority of … Read MoreRead More

How to find out how high the minimum wage should be

There used to be a link between minimum wage and worker productivity, but this has diverged since the 1960’s. It’s time to bring this back. Anyone can be making minimum wage. It’s like that Bill Hicks quote: “Anybody can be … Read MoreRead More

How to start an emergency fund when money is tight

When money is tight, an emergency fund is even more important. Here are some strategies to get you to put something, anything, away. You need an emergency fund. An emergency fund is not savings. You need that too, but that’s … Read MoreRead More

Why a $15 minimum wage isn’t enough

While current political discussions in the U.S. involve whether to raise the $15 minimum wage, I argue that that doesn’t go far enough. I’ve been watching the recent political wrangling around the new federal economic relief bill. Looks like now … Read MoreRead More

Why it’s time to stop your scarcity mindset

The scarcity mindset is related not only to personal dissatisfaction but also to societal wealth inequality, so it’s time to put an end to it. As time goes on, I become less interested in the things that save you $5 … Read MoreRead More

Bank branch

The saddest money withdrawal I’ve ever seen

I’m going on a big trip this month, and I’m pretty excited about it. One of my rituals around packing—aside from spending the week prior making a way-too-big pile of stuff in the corner of my room under the misunderstanding … Read MoreRead More


How having more money can make you anxious

People think that money can solve all of their problems. Yes, there’s the old saw about how “money can’t buy happiness”, but usually people see past that and think, “yeah, but it would certainly help“. And that’s true. When you’re … Read MoreRead More

If you’re not wealthy, is it your fault?

I’m troubled. I was listening to a program on the radio (which I’ll leave unnamed for reasons you’ll see soon). It was one of the 27 various programs on financial wellness that seem to pepper the AM dial at any … Read MoreRead More

Toeing the line

There is no glory in poverty

Henry Rollins, who I’ve previously mentioned as being an honorary Unlikely Radical, perhaps the one that I aspire to be like the most, once joked at a spoken word show about a fictitious performance art piece, one with the pretension level amped up to … Read MoreRead More

The problems with charity

  Ultimately, I think the system of charity, which is hard enough to engage in as it is, is all wrong. The system as it stands right now is: those who have more choose to give to those who have … Read MoreRead More