How to stay motivated when paying off a mortgage

Creating little milestones will help you stay motivated and give you a sense of accomplishment, even if your mortgage takes years to pay off. I logged into my mortgage account this month and saw something very exciting: Do you see … Read MoreRead More

The alarm and the weighted blanket

There are two methods of helping people make meaningful change in their financial lives, which I call the “alarm” and the “weighted blanket”. Your financial situation is like a bed. We’re each lying in ours. (Or sitting. Or reading. Or … Read MoreRead More

Eventually, all you’ll have is excuses

A challenge to you to rise above whatever it is that you believe is holding you back. … Read More

Cliff and view

Keep striving

I had a topic in mind for this post. But right before I started typing, I stopped, because it didn’t feel as important (or as urgent). So, instead, consider the forthcoming a kind of mantra, or, if that seems too … Read MoreRead More

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This is the real definition of insanity

There are some phrases that get thrown about often, without actually thinking about what they mean, and whether they’re even correct or not. Some are perfectly innocuous. No one stops to think about what exactly we’re saying “bless you” about … Read MoreRead More

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6 reasons why you could benefit from a financial coach

Financial coaching will benefit you, no matter where you are in your financial journey. Here’s why coaching is for everyone. Let’s be honest, you could use a little help. Given our current economy, there’s a good chance you’re working hard … Read More

Remember who you’re doing it for

We talk so much about getting on track with your finances, making progress, breaking old behaviors and forming new patterns. We know why we’re doing it, usually. For me, I believe we’re doing all this so that we can feel … Read MoreRead More

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Your past performance doesn’t guarantee your future results

Regardless of what decisions you’ve made and what you’ve believed, you are not bound by your past self. Your future can be different. The phrase “past performance doesn’t guarantee future results” is ubiquitous in financial sales literature. It has to … Read MoreRead More


A salve for those who have not found success yet

I’ve always had big—if not always specific—dreams. To be a musician and fill concert halls, to be a sound engineer and produce bands, to build a large and vibrant online community, to be a financial coach, to be able to … Read MoreRead More

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This might be why you don’t believe you’ll be financially successful

It’s not hard to find bad economic news that applies to you. If you’re a millennial, chances are the job market is terrible for you. If you’re a baby boomer, chances are that you’re either underwater in your house or … Read MoreRead More