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Does frequent travel conflict with financial well-being?

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, you’ve no doubt seen me periodically talk about my quest to see one new country a year. You might find this topic potentially a diversion, even perhaps antithetical, to much of … Read MoreRead More


The new country I will travel to in 2019…or maybe 2020

Did anyone notice anything strange in the sky this past Monday? Or, failing that, did you notice anyone looking at the sky wearing (hopefully) something that looked uncannily like 3D glasses? Of course I kid. Over a large swath of … Read MoreRead More

My ideas for my new country for the year

  All this talk about me helping you decide where your next “new country” trip is going to be rather sidesteps the slightly uncomfortable fact that I myself don’t actually know where my own “new country” trip is going to … Read MoreRead More

How to determine where to travel next

  I have a travel goal. Every year, I travel to a new country. Seeing one new country in a year is possible without quitting your job or being independently wealthy. In fact, it’s a challenge that starts out rather … Read MoreRead More

Challenge: Travel to one new country every year

Got any travel plans for this year? Still think that travel isn’t in the cards for you, despite your wish to the contrary? I have a challenge for you. And I think you can achieve it, both this year and … Read MoreRead More