The best time to travel is coming up soon!

  It’s getting to be my favorite time of the year in the US for flying! Planes will be empty, fares will be cheap, airports will be a breeze to get to and around in. I’ve already booked a flight, and … Read MoreRead More

Christmas is always in December, or why to plan for holidays

  So, we know that we need to save for yearly bills. Well, we need to save for yearly expenses too. (To those who are new here, welcome! You may be wondering what’s the difference between a Bill and an … Read MoreRead More

Your new holiday calendar

  As I’ve said before, you don’t need to celebrate holidays if you don’t want. More importantly, you don’t need to celebrate holidays in the way that they were intended. But what to do instead? I decided to come up … Read MoreRead More

Repurpose your holidays

  I woke up on Christmas morning, excited. The streets were empty, everyone ensconced in their houses or apartments. I took off out of the city, way into the suburbs, where I had a hotel room waiting for me. Was … Read MoreRead More