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Why not keep your debt and use the cash flow?

There is a school of thought that you can use leverage to create cash flow without ever needing to pay off debt. But there’s a small problem. I was recently listening to a radio show hosted by a real estate … Read MoreRead More

Beyond the Debt Snowball: Other ways to pay off debt (and are they worth it?)

I look at some non-traditional methods of paying off debt to see if they are any better than the Debt Snowball method. The problem: you have multiple debts, all with varying amounts, interest rates, and payback timelines. Some are secured … Read MoreRead More

Can you imagine life without debt?

Being able to envision what it would be like to be free from debt can help motivate you to take the steps necessary to make it a reality. For many, debt is a way of life. Or rather, it has … Read MoreRead More