Why the 30 year mortgage is actually uncommon

The U.S. is an outlier in offering a 30 year mortgage. Here’s why that is, and why you still want to be able to pay it off faster. It’s official: 30 year fixed-rate mortgages in the U.S. have reached 7%. … Read MoreRead More

The past and future of home prices, or how no one remembers history

In many areas of the country, home prices are going crazy. Or at least that’s the narrative. I just discovered an amazingly engrossing interactive chart by The Economist where they show home prices in various U.S. cities as a function … Read MoreRead More

Do you need to live with who you love?

  I live in a rather small place, at least by American standards. But it’s a lovely place, and I am pleased that I managed to be able to purchase it. One thing feels clear to me though: I don’t … Read MoreRead More

The homeowner’s “garden”: a little equity grows

  Have you ever bought a home? Well, if you only have a single full time job, and want another one on top of it, well, this is the plan for you. Everything in this process seems to have resulted … Read MoreRead More

Why I’m going back into debt (or why I was never really debt-free)

  I’ve long railed against debt. Debt slows you down from achieving what you want, and forces you to pay companies that don’t have your best interests in mind. I paid off my last debts four years ago, and I … Read MoreRead More

Why not pay cash for a home?

  WARNING: This post contains math. There is definitely something compelling to owning your own home, from both a psychological standpoint but also a financial standpoint. But I’m not a fan of debt. You know this by now. And in … Read MoreRead More

How to live rent-free

  If you rent your living space, it’s probably your largest recurring bill. By a fairly significant margin. (Or, at least I hope it is. If it’s not, either you’ve got a great living situation, or you’re in big trouble. … Read MoreRead More

On being kicked out of my apartment, or Nothing is unexpected

  Have you ever rented a place, and been very comfortable there, only to receive a voicemail message from your landlord that started like this: “I don’t know how to say this to you, but I just wanted to say … Read MoreRead More

Home ownership revisited

  One of my very first posts at Unlikely Radical was titled “Why renting is better than owning“. Later, I noted that while some people feel that home ownership provides a feeling of security, others will feel exactly the opposite. … Read MoreRead More

On cultural programming, or why a home is not necessarily a house

  While writing why you probably can’t afford to buy a home, I found myself subconsciously substituting the word “house” for the word “home.” That article, one of the longest I’ve ever written for this site, has the word “home” … Read MoreRead More