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How to plan a trip to anywhere via travel hacking

I was at a party recently where the conversation turned to travel. One person in particular was trying to get to a destination (somewhere in South America, I forget the specific city) the following month, and wanted to know how they … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking to get to Buenos Aires (for cheap)

  I’ve talked about how to buy frequent flyer miles for immediate use in travel, and why it could potentially be a good deal to do so. But why stop at theory? Here is the story of how I helped … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking blunders: The lounge

  Travel hacking is not all about glamour and flying around the world with ease and style. It’s also about trying out schemes and having them totally not work. So continuing on from my post on blowing an opportunity to … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking blunders: The hotel

  I’ve talked about how I’ve used travel hacking to allow me to have experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish any other way. I frequently stay in hotels for free, and have on more than one occasion … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking to challenge your ethics

  The speaker was talking about a particular product, and was asking the crowd how many of this product the members of the audience had. A show of hands. One person in the crowd asked: “Isn’t that product limited to one … Read MoreRead More

Can you trust travel hacking blogs?

  I read travel hacking blogs all the time. Brian, Summer, Gary, and Lucky are my equivalent of The Today Show, blogs I digest with my morning tea. They freely give frankly some invaluable advice and have some engrossing stories, … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking to get the whirlpool suite in a sold-out hotel

  I like to play the travel hacking game. I suspect you likely do too, considering this post is one of the most frequently-viewed pages on this site. I play the game a bit differently from many other people though. … Read MoreRead More

Travel hacking to get free hotels

  I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Gwangju, South Korea. The question that invariably popped up whenever I told anyone that I was staying in Gwangju (even Koreans all said this) was, “why!?” Yikes, do they know something I … Read MoreRead More

How to travel debt-free

Most people travel and then figure out how to pay for it, but with my plan, you figure it out in advance and come home debt-free. We’re at the point in the pandemic where the average person in the U.S. … Read MoreRead More

Beware of induced spending (or the perils of credit card travel benefits)

  I read lots of travel hacking blogs, as I’ve mentioned many times. And because sometimes travel hacking blogs seem more like credit card sales pages, I ingest many marketing messages on a regular basis. So when I was writing … Read MoreRead More