The affiliate trap: How professionals can lose both trust and income

Amazon just severely changed its commission rate, showing how easy it is to lose not only trust with affiliate marketing, but also income. There are many ways that flout conventional wisdom in building my financial coaching business. For one thing, … Read MoreRead More


Online trust, or How to figure out your biggest threats online

Greetings from Seattle, Washington! Actually, hello from Charlotte, North Carolina! On second thought, salutations from somewhere in Azerbaijan! It’s fun to be anywhere at the click of a button. By this I mean, anywhere as far as my computer traffic … Read MoreRead More

Reading the paper

You’ll never believe what we can do to reduce the prevalence of clickbait and fake news

If you’re anything like me, you’re horrified by the revelation that we’re living in a “post-fact world“,  where being truthful seems to not matter as much as the emotional appeal. I’m not on Facebook (thank heavens, now more than ever), … Read MoreRead More

Affiliate links, or can you trust anyone online?

  A little while back, I wrote a post where I mentioned AwardWallet, a service that keeps tracks of all your different loyalty accounts (airline miles, hotel points, etc.) I’m a huge fan of AwardWallet, and have used them for … Read MoreRead More

Can you trust travel hacking blogs?

  I read travel hacking blogs all the time. Brian, Summer, Gary, and Lucky are my equivalent of The Today Show, blogs I digest with my morning tea. They freely give frankly some invaluable advice and have some engrossing stories, … Read MoreRead More