Keep striving

Cliff and view

I had a topic in mind for this post. But right before I started typing, I stopped, because it didn’t feel as important (or as urgent).

So, instead, consider the forthcoming a kind of mantra, or, if that seems too high-minded, maybe just a poem.

Keep striving

Whether it went the way you wanted or if didn’t, keep striving.

Whether you can see a way forward or you don’t, keep striving.

Whether you feel like you can’t even get out of bed or not, keep striving.

Whether you lost or won, keep striving.

There is no other option.

As long as you’re still breathing, keep striving.

Is everything exactly as you want it to be? Of course not. Keep striving.

Is everything completely screwed? It doesn’t matter. Keep striving.

This is no time for defeatism. (And this is from someone who has built a treehouse, swing set, and playground inside defeatism.)

No matter, keep striving.

Take a moment, or two, or six, to focus on your goal. Then keep striving.

Are you sensing a theme here? Good. Keep striving.

There is no other option.

Do you feel that your life is a process of holding a big black curtain off the ground?

It might be. But you have to find your stick and keep striving.

Even if the stick breaks, keep striving.

There is no other option.

Does it seem like everyone has it easier than you? It’s probably not true, but what if it is? Keep striving.

Do you feel like no matter how much effort you put in, that you always feel like you’re trying to climb yourself out of a giant hole with no way to grab hold onto anything?

That hole is filled with the rest of us too. Let us help each other up.

There is no other option.

So tell me, what are you striving for?

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