Remember who you’re doing it for

We talk so much about getting on track with your finances, making progress, breaking old behaviors and forming new patterns.

We know why we’re doing it, usually. For me, I believe we’re doing all this so that we can feel better. There is a sense of peace that comes with financial security. For me, it’s a visceral relaxation of the muscles, saying “it’s actually going to be okay“. I first felt it strongly when I finally had six months of savings in the bank for emergencies, and that feeling resurfaces whenever I think about it. I could have no income for months and still be okay. I can breathe.

But on this day, it might also be worth thinking about who else you’re doing all this work for.

The burden

Obviously, you’re primarily doing this work for yourself. I believe wholeheartedly in the oxygen mask theory of financial success: you figure your stuff out before you help others.

So let’s take as given that personal benefit is a huge one.

But it’s not all.

We’re also pursuing financial security to not be a burden to others.

When we can’t take care of ourselves, we will need to be taken care of. And while sometimes we all need to pay it forward, none of us want to be a burden, whether it’s on society, or, more pointedly, on the people around us that we love.

In your sunset years, do you want to have to move in with your family because you can’t afford to live on your own? Sure, the safety net is a great thing to have (and we need a lot more of it), but wouldn’t it be great to not have to use it?

Regardless of your age, don’t you want to be able to stand on your own two feet?

The blessing

Now, that argumentation is rather negative, but we can just as easily turn it around.

Wouldn’t you much rather be a blessing to those around you?

When you are financially secure, you’re only a small step away from being seriously wealthy. (Imagine how much money you’d have if you didn’t have to pay rent or your mortgage. Exactly.)

When you have serious wealth, you can bestow it on the people you care about. Your family, your friends, your community. You can do some serious good, and have some serious fun.

Think big. Imagine being able to take your family on a trip. To Hawaii. All expenses paid. Imagine bringing your extended family too. And friends.

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You can be a blessing not only to the people in your world but to people you don’t even know. Set up a scholarship. Create a fund. Find someone who needs help and help them. Find a thousand of them. Do something good with scale.

You see, we’re not just doing this for us. We’re doing this for the people around us. Family, friends, and our community. Think about that when you need a little motivation to keep moving on your plan.

We can do this. We must do this.

May you have everything you need, and more.

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