Should you do financial coaching with or without your partner?

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Follow the M-Path: My new group coaching class

I’m proud to introduce a brand new group coaching class, a new way for people to develop financial skills, leave money anxiety behind forever, and build community. … Read More

There is no failure in financial wellness

Learning how to manage your money better will take time, just like any new skill. Because of this, there is no such thing as failure. I received a very interesting question from a potential client on a recent consult. Now, … Read MoreRead More

Are your employees worrying about money?

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Why I no longer do pro bono coaching

While in a perfect world I would offer my services pro bono, charging for money coaching will more likely ensure your own success. I recently had someone reach out to me and, in effect, ask me to justify my rates. … Read MoreRead More

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Why a money coach is different from both a therapist and a financial planner

While similar and sometimes confused, a money coach provides a unique service to clients that are not the same as a therapist or financial planner. Everyone know what a therapist does, more or less. You may not be seeing one, … Read MoreRead More

Is financial coaching the same in different countries?

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6 reasons why you could benefit from a financial coach

Financial coaching will benefit you, no matter where you are in your financial journey. Here’s why coaching is for everyone. Let’s be honest, you could use a little help. Given our current economy, there’s a good chance you’re working hard … Read More

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Why I charge for my services

I am not good at asking for money. If you want an example of my personal hell, it would be to be one those of people who stand on street corners and accost you as you pass. “Hey friend! You’re … Read MoreRead More

What is integrative financial coaching?

  For a few years now, I’ve offered what I call “integrative financial coaching“. You may be wondering what this means. What exactly are we integrating? … Read More