How would your life be different if you weren’t concerned about money?

Your life may look very different if you weren’t concerned with making money. You should learn this now to help you be more intentional later. Most of us have aligned our lives around the acquisition and protection of money in … Read MoreRead More

Would your future self say it’s too late now?

While it may seem like it’s too late for you to achieve your money goals, that’s not true. To prove this, think about your future self. When some of my peers turned 30, a common thread among some of them … Read MoreRead More

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Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired: Another bionic book?

Years from now, when the internet is as obscure and unknowable as Linear A, archaeologists are going to unearth books, still well-preserved, that say things like: “If you haven’t taken the R:IQ assessment yet, do it now! Take it for … Read MoreRead More

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Years from now, you’ll wish you started today

If there’s one thing I hear from so many people, it’s that they wish they started something years ago. Often it’s saving for retirement. “I just think of all those years I could have been saving, and I wasn’t doing … Read MoreRead More

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Your past performance doesn’t guarantee your future results

Regardless of what decisions you’ve made and what you’ve believed, you are not bound by your past self. Your future can be different. The phrase “past performance doesn’t guarantee future results” is ubiquitous in financial sales literature. It has to … Read MoreRead More

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Tony Robbins’ finance app, or how the end of history is already happening

I talk about the problems with tying the contents of a book to an online service, using the example of the Tony Robbins Master The Game app. I got on a bit of a rant when I talked about the end … Read MoreRead More

How to plan when you fear the worst

  I think investing is fun. I mean, you put some money aside, sit on it, and then after a while, you get more of it. Couldn’t be easier, right? All you need to do is spend some time setting … Read MoreRead More