How much math skills do you need to be good with money?

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Is it really better to wait to claim Social Security until you turn 70?

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How a children’s TV show taught me about compound interest

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How do you figure out how much money you need in retirement?

I had a little fun with our fictitious shopping trip on the luxury eBay. While I enjoy toys as much as anyone, I think the desire for ultra-rich luxuries seems less about desire for luxuries and more of a need … Read MoreRead More


Why I love the Rule of 72

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Is there someone at the IRS who’s a math lover?

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How to calculate your true account balance at the end of the month

WARNING: This post contains math. How much float do you need? Well, optimally you’d have enough float such that you could cover your entire month’s expenses on day 1, just to be safe. But in general you want to have … Read MoreRead More

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Why to use the 15% rule for saving for retirement

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Just making sure: Mortgage interest isn’t a reason to hold on to a mortgage

WARNING: This post contains math. “When you have a mortgage, you get a tax deduction for all the mortgage interest you pay. So you shouldn’t pay down your mortgage early, because you’ll lose the tax deduction.” This is one of the … Read MoreRead More

Which is better, a tax credit or a tax deduction?

  WARNING: This post contains math. This is one of those posts that is a challenge to write. Since everyone is in different places and with different levels of financial literacy, I can’t expect everyone to have the same level … Read MoreRead More