The Saver’s Credit: Free money for retirement

I talk about The Saver’s Credit, and how some people who might have assumed it wasn’t relevant to them might qualify now. (Nothing in this post should be considered tax advice. Please see my Disclosure Policy.) The pandemic probably changed … Read MoreRead More

The American Rescue Plan diffuses a student loan tax bomb

The American Rescue Plan signed by Joe Biden makes student loan forgiveness tax-free, which has huge implications for millions of people. Boy, it’s nice to have adults running this country again, isn’t it? Paul Krugman of the New York Times … Read MoreRead More

Should you do your own taxes?

I remember being a kid and watch my dad do the family’s taxes. I remember our dining room table covered and overflowing with various papers and documents. It seemed like he was there for weeks. In the U.S., assuming that … Read MoreRead More

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What’s wrong with an interest-free loan to the government?

Every year, amid the discussion of taxes and rebates and the like, there is usually a talking point that goes like this: “Getting a rebate of any amount is a bad idea, because all you’re doing is giving the government … Read MoreRead More

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Is it possible to pay in advance exactly the amount of tax you owe?

Welcome back to tax season! It’s an interesting time that can seem extremely fraught to some, and a little exciting to others. For some: so much work to do. For others: big rebates! I’m fortunate to be young enough that … Read MoreRead More

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Why everything is like a regressive tax

With all the talk on how to fund our government and the various projects we need to undertake, it’s made me think about that phrase “regressive tax”. As in, “there was no support for that initiative, because it was seen … Read MoreRead More

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What to do with the extra tax money in your new paycheck

I really tried to avoid talking about the tax plan, and couldn’t help myself. But that was more of a “feelings” piece, and less practical. This article is coming from the other, more practical side. In the U.S., our new tax … Read MoreRead More


Okay, okay, I’ll talk about the tax bill

I’ve been avoiding it. I haven’t wanted to talk about it. I wanted to bury my head under a pillow and forget about the whole thing. But, alas, it’s just too relevant to our work here. So I’m going to … Read MoreRead More

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Is there someone at the IRS who’s a math lover?

WARNING: This post contains math. I love math. You know this. I think math is one of our world’s ways of expressing beauty. To me, there are few things more pleasing to the eye than a elegant mathematical statement. (People … Read MoreRead More


Don’t fear moving to a new tax bracket

Do you know your tax bracket? I’d say a good number of people do. But do you know what happens when you jump up to a new tax bracket? I’d say a good number of people do not. Tax season … Read MoreRead More