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Van Gogh was a poseur, or why it’s okay to be a novice

  I often hear people being reluctant to start something new.  “I’m afraid I’m going to do it wrong,” is usually how the hesitation displays itself.  I know that feeling myself, of course, having a whole host of things that … Read MoreRead More

Ex-Velleitiers Unite!

  During the building of this site, I spent some time searching for a word to describe the people I wanted to surround myself with, the ones I identified with the most, the people who I wanted to connect with … Read MoreRead More

If they are advertising it, you don’t need it

  Many words have been spoken about the perils about advertising.  I’ve never watched Mad Men, but I’ve listened to my friends’ discussions that followed after a long marathon.  But after years of being bombarded by advertisements, I’ve realized something … Read MoreRead More

When not to be frugal

  I recently read about super-cheap fares to Hawaii from my home airport of Portland. I’m a travel enthusiast, and love going places any opportunity I can, but Hawaii holds a special appeal for me, as it is the only … Read MoreRead More

Are you an Unlikely Radical?

  Have you ever wanted to shake your world up? Do you despise the phrase “that’s just the way things are” and want to remove it from our vocabulary? Do you come to your own conclusions?  Do you question everything … Read MoreRead More

Some things I know

I may not know much.  Actually, I’m sure of that.  But here are a few things that I am pretty sure of. … Read More

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