Why inflation might worry you (but probably shouldn’t)

I wade into popular economics to interpret recent higher inflation rates, to see if there is any merit in being concerned. I remember my first savings account that my parents opened for me when I was a kid. It was … Read MoreRead More

How to find out how high the minimum wage should be

There used to be a link between minimum wage and worker productivity, but this has diverged since the 1960’s. It’s time to bring this back. Anyone can be making minimum wage. It’s like that Bill Hicks quote: “Anybody can be … Read MoreRead More

You are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know your college degree wouldn’t pay off

  College tuition in the US rises somewhere in the vicinity of 7% a year. Wage inflation rises between 1%-4%, depending on the source you consult and how good a year we’re having. This is clearly, mathematically unsustainable. You don’t … Read MoreRead More

Is personal responsibility enough?

  As should be pretty obvious by now if you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m a very big fan of taking responsibility for your own life, and specifically your finances. (And, if not, welcome!) I believe … Read MoreRead More

You’re not getting a raise

  Work hard, get a raise. That’s the plan, right? But let’s say that you’ve been granted a 3% raise for the year. In all seriousness, bravo! But it’s not really a raise. … Read More