car insurance

Do you know how much it costs to own a car?

A new study shows that the cost of owning a new car is rising sharply, but what does this mean for you, and how can you reduce costs? Cars are one of those places where people have assumptions that they … Read MoreRead More

How to be (more) self-insured

You can take control over your insurance needs and your money by recognizing that you yourself can become self-insured. Insurance is expensive, isn’t it? I know my car insurance just went up by about 15% this year, and that’s not … Read MoreRead More

How to pay for a deductible

  I wrote about how to choose a deductible. Here is the equation we came up with. Choose a higher deductible over a lower one when: In general, I recommend higher deductibles over lower ones. A $1,000 deductible might seem … Read MoreRead More

How to choose a deductible

  WARNING: This post contains math. My car was hit the other day. We got a freak snow storm here in normally-rainy Portland, and people do not know how to handle driving in this weather. (To be fair, Oregon doesn’t salt … Read MoreRead More

Why it may be worth spending more for simplicity

  (Meta-note: 100th post!) I was having dinner with a friend recently, and at one point we started reeling off the “obvious” pithy financial wisdom we knew. Things like “spend less than you make” “invest in index funds” “avoid fees,” … Read MoreRead More