How I paid off my $40,000 in student loans

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What if your community isn’t supportive of your growth?

If your family or people you love don’t want you to change or grow, you have to help them along, or find your chosen family. Last time, I talked about David, who was at a crossroads in his life: start … Read MoreRead More


My take on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps (Part 2, Baby Steps 4-7)

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Lightning in the desert

Would I have done college differently if I had wanted to avoid debt?

I’m annoyed when I think about debt. It’s a thing that I want to get away from, like a snoring person in the room, or a screaming baby on the plane. I want it gone. When I was in high school, … Read MoreRead More

You are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know your college degree wouldn’t pay off

  College tuition in the US rises somewhere in the vicinity of 7% a year. Wage inflation rises between 1%-4%, depending on the source you consult and how good a year we’re having. This is clearly, mathematically unsustainable. You don’t … Read MoreRead More

How to do college wrong

  There were parts of college that I did pretty stupidly. I mean, I guess everyone is stupid in college in some way, but I mean that I made some decisions (or rather, didn’t make some decisions) that I would … Read MoreRead More

A conversation about debt

(My friend Saul of Hearts recently posted an article about his experiences with leveraging debt. As I thought it was an interesting take on a subject that I have some strong feelings about, we talked about me writing a response … Read MoreRead More