Why everything today is more unaffordable

If you think people today are finding that homes, cars, and student loans are unaffordable, well, you’re right. Have you ever watched Company Man on YouTube? His videos take a look at businesses, primarily restaurants, and talks about how they … Read MoreRead More

How to know if a large purchase is affordable

People often think only of the per-month cost when determining what they can afford, but that can be an expensive mistake. Can you afford it? It’s a simple question on its face, but the more you dig into it, the … Read MoreRead More

You are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know your college degree wouldn’t pay off

  College tuition in the US rises somewhere in the vicinity of 7% a year. Wage inflation rises between 1%-4%, depending on the source you consult and how good a year we’re having. This is clearly, mathematically unsustainable. You don’t … Read MoreRead More