How could you make $100,000?

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Why your goal is to not care about frequent flyer miles

What the impact on wealth accumulation has on playing the frequent flyer mile game. I’ve been collecting frequent flyer miles for years now. I started collecting US Airways miles almost 20 years ago, but the idea that I would somehow … Read MoreRead More

How your decisions change when you have more money

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How do you know how much money you need?

Let’s face it: you probably have no idea how much you need to save in your life. This isn’t your fault. Like so much of financial security, we’re not taught anything in a comprehensive, start-to-finish sort of way. So we … Read MoreRead More

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Would you even want to win the lottery?

I’ve spoken before about how it’s not worth it to play the lottery. As my college roommate once said to me (unimprovably, I thought), “you have about as much chance of winning the lottery if you play as if you … Read MoreRead More


My take on Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps (Part 2, Baby Steps 4-7)

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How having more money can make you anxious

People think that money can solve all of their problems. Yes, there’s the old saw about how “money can’t buy happiness”, but usually people see past that and think, “yeah, but it would certainly help“. And that’s true. When you’re … Read MoreRead More


5 things about money that are strange when you start to think about them

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If you’re not wealthy, is it your fault?

I’m troubled. I was listening to a program on the radio (which I’ll leave unnamed for reasons you’ll see soon). It was one of the 27 various programs on financial wellness that seem to pepper the AM dial at any … Read MoreRead More

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How do people do it?

It’s not hard to look around and be amazed. You hear about your co-worker’s most recent trip to Hawaii. Your friends post on Instagram a gorgeous sunset taken from the middle of the South Pacific. And then you move on … Read MoreRead More