What high prices have in common with chili peppers

The solution to the mouth burn from eating chili peppers is surprisingly similar to the solution to the recent rise in prices. Everyone is talking about high prices. I’m not sure everyone understands what’s going on with them, or how … Read MoreRead More

How your decisions change when you have more money

In New York City, you can take a helicopter to the airport. It runs about $200, and takes you five minutes. There are a few different ways you can respond to this particular factoid. For many/most people: “That is absolutely … Read MoreRead More

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Why prices actually fall as you build wealth

Cost is a psychological phenomenon as much as it is a mathematical phenomenon. Back in my college days, the question was, which can I afford to get at Denny’s, a soda or fries? Could I afford to get both? (Actually, … Read MoreRead More

Why prices will seem to change as you build wealth

(I don’t condone software piracy. But this is a story where some rules were bent. And then un-bent.) In college, when my income was basically nil, I was just starting to get into audio engineering. While I was primarily working … Read MoreRead More