Why we believe people are rich or poor is changing

I look at three studies by the Pew Research Center on how our beliefs on why people are rich or poor are evolving, and in a promising way. I know in my heart of hearts that the vast majority of … Read MoreRead More

Five reasons why my approach is better than Dave Ramsey

I discuss the many shortcomings of the Dave Ramsey approach to personal finance, and show better ways to help more people. I’ve mentioned Dave Ramsey numerous times over the years. I’m not here to bash Dave, at least not without … Read MoreRead More

The politics in empathy

If there is any political alignment I have, it’s for views that allow for the most empathy. I believe that’s how most people can thrive. Money is political. There’s no getting around it. We need to acknowledge it and move … Read MoreRead More


Can someone please explain to me why there is so much wage disparity?

I worked in retail for many years. I sometimes have nightmares that I’ll have to go back to it. And yet, I think my retail experiences were relatively tame. A department story, a toy store, a gas station, Kinko’s. I … Read MoreRead More

If you’re not wealthy, is it your fault?

I’m troubled. I was listening to a program on the radio (which I’ll leave unnamed for reasons you’ll see soon). It was one of the 27 various programs on financial wellness that seem to pepper the AM dial at any … Read MoreRead More

Empathy noses

The one thing we all need more of now

(I had another post queued up for today, and right at the almost-literal 11th hour, I decided there was something else I wanted to say. So I pushed that one off for another time.) Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. For … Read MoreRead More

Mind the empathy gap

  Take the following scene. You’re in line at the supermarket, behind someone with a full shopping cart. The cart is full of what, to you, seems like some pretty unhealthy food choices. Boxed frozen foods, a huge bag of … Read MoreRead More