How to find out if you (or anyone really) are owed money by the state

I still fondly recall those late night TV infomercials about how you can get free money from the government. Now, as I’m learning, there may be something to all that. Because it turns out there are legitimate, state-run websites out … Read MoreRead More


Is fear of losing money (or love) the only thing you’ve gained?

We all have started out with some level of privilege. Whether it’s the privilege of being born in a middle class home, being born tall or extremely good looking, or even just being born in a country where water was … Read MoreRead More

Important versus urgent: Applying the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to your finances

  I’ve increasingly found it important to determine whether something is important or whether it is just urgent, as I think that we all (myself included) tend to confuse the two. I just recently learned that the matrix of the … Read MoreRead More

The banality of being a millionaire

  There are few words associated with money that are more romantic than “millionaire“. Just the very mention of the word brings to my mind giant villas overlooking a sunny sea. But I want us to take a closer look at … Read MoreRead More

Does it really matter how much your time is worth?

  How many times have you been a part of a conversation that went something like this? “I was going to take the bus because it was only $18, but it would have taken 6 hours. Then I saw that flying … Read MoreRead More

Treat time like money

  Any visitor to my home will notice a distinct lack of clocks. At some point during their visit (not a short time, because I assure you I am a deeply scintillating host), they will look around to see what … Read MoreRead More

Why having more money won’t simplify your life

  You may think that making more money will solve some of your problems. And you’re right. That’s certainly what I’ve found in my life. But when that happened, I found that new problems were created, greater in number than … Read MoreRead More

How much float do you need?

  In my last post, I talked about the importance of having “float” in your checking account. Float is that extra cushion of money in your account that’s above and beyond the money that comes in from your income. The … Read MoreRead More