Your income is not your value

Our beliefs about income can be toxic. People who make more than you are not better than you, and they don’t have a higher value either. I’m a huge fan of older video games, the ones made before 1990. Some … Read MoreRead More

Hotel sign

How I redeemed my points from the Priceless Surprises promotion

Earlier this year, I talked about the Priceless Surprises promotion. Put on by Mastercard and IHG, the company behind Holiday Inn and a bunch of other brands, this sweepstakes was ostensibly about staying at lots of hotels, but had a … Read MoreRead More

Does it really matter how much your time is worth?

  How many times have you been a part of a conversation that went something like this? “I was going to take the bus because it was only $18, but it would have taken 6 hours. Then I saw that flying … Read MoreRead More