Where you can find me on social media (and why)

An update on my social media channels, including reasoning for why I’m on (or not on) certain sites. A few years back, I talked about what social media I was using (and, more to the point, not using). It’s a … Read MoreRead More

Product splash

Why frequent flyer miles but not grocery stores? A study in contrasting loyalty programs

I’m a big fan of collecting frequent flyer miles and points. While the airlines and hotels have done their best to devalue the extreme opportunities that there once were, I believe that there still are some great deals to be … Read MoreRead More

My social media roundup (sort of)

  I recently switched my Twitter handle. It was @exvelleitier (read here for details on what that means), but for brand reasons, and because it’s admittedly a bit hard to spell, I decided to use the longer-but-easier @unlikelyradical. If you … Read MoreRead More