Chris Hogan

Five reasons why my approach is better than Dave Ramsey

I discuss the many shortcomings of the Dave Ramsey approach to personal finance, and show better ways to help more people. I’ve mentioned Dave Ramsey numerous times over the years. I’m not here to bash Dave, at least not without … Read MoreRead More

What does the data say? Reading The National Study of Millionaires

I review the National Study of Millionaires, the largest study of millionaires ever undertaken, by Chris Hogan and the Dave Ramsey team. Not too long ago, I reviewed the book “Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth—and How You … Read MoreRead More

IQ tester

The benefits (and limitations) of Chris Hogan’s R:IQ assessment test

I discuss the online R:IQ assessment test by Chris Hogan, which seeks to determine how much money you need to save up for your retirement. As mentioned in my review of Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired book, a tool called the … Read MoreRead More

Little robot

Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired: Another bionic book?

Years from now, when the internet is as obscure and unknowable as Linear A, archaeologists are going to unearth books, still well-preserved, that say things like: “If you haven’t taken the R:IQ assessment yet, do it now! Take it for … Read MoreRead More