Year in review 2017: Your top 10 favorite posts

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It’s not all about me. While I wrote about my favorite posts for this year, I’m much more interested in your favorites.

So I fired up my Google Analytics, that imperfect measure of interest, and looked up what were the most trafficked posts of 2017. (I did this for 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 too.)

Here they are:

Your list

10. A Vanguard benefit for those without “elite” status—If you have less than $50,000 to invest with Vanguard, there’s a benefit that you can take advantage of for just one fifth of that amount. Not bad.

9. How my 1990 Geo Prizm helped me buy a home—Small decisions today can allow for bigger results tomorrow. Think about that the next time you want to splurge. That’s all I’m saying.

8. Why there is almost nothing redeeming about Uber—All vitriol aside for a second, this one’s a little tough, because I have friends who derive income for Uber. But it’s important to stand up for principles, and I feel like Uber and companies like it, as well as the people who utilize them, are hurting people. Clearly this touched a nerve with some of you.

7. I’m getting a new phone!—I got more mail about this post than any other this year. What, did you think I was getting a smartphone or something?

6. Can you do a partial rollover of a retirement plan?—Well, I did this earlier this year. You may not always want to do a partial rollover, but it’s possible, and sometimes a good idea.

5. The problem with YOLO—Partly about Vegas and all that it stands for, this one is about thinking about “the morning after” before it happens.

4. How float can help you track your expenses more effectively—This post is very key. I talk about tracking expenses a lot, but this post will help you check your work. Otherwise, how will you know if you’re doing it right?

3. Avoid any mortgage company whose sales pitch involves misunderstandings of basic physics—This one was just fun. No offense to Tom Selleck, as he’s just a salesperson, but he should probably know better than to say that something three-legged is somehow less sturdy than something four-legged.

2. You can get “elite” status…with Vanguard—Maybe it was the word “elite”? I was quite taken with the idea that Vanguard had different tiers of service based on how much money you had invested with them. Looks like other people were too.

1. Getting rid of PMI (part 2): The M stands for “misdirection”—The whole PMI saga was as fun to write as it was frustrating to experience. I left the series as a cliffhanger after part 2, and many people were curious as to what happened next. (Here’s the full story: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5.)

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But no matter what you found interesting or worthwhile, I want to thank you for taking the time to read, share, and otherwise keep in touch. You are the reason this project is a success.

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