Year in review 2016: Your top 10 favorite posts

Vishu Kani

I wrote about my favorite posts for this year. But what about yours?

Just like I did in 2015, 2014, and 2013, I ran a report and came up with the ten most-read posts for this year.

Your list

10. I don’t understand European bathrooms—Is a curtain or a real door in a shower egregiously decadent? Do other people have as much trouble as I do with this?

9. Do you need to live with who you love?—I think it’s important for everyone to be intentional about their life choices, and not just do what one is supposed to do. This goes for living together.

8. Unlikely Hypocrite? Costco versus Amazon Prime—Am I a hypocrite for thinking Costco is a good deal, but Amazon Prime isn’t? You decide.

7. The financial risks of Amazon Prime—Yes, two posts about Amazon Prime made the list. I guess people perk up at the topic. Does this mean I should say more about different companies and their deals, just like I did with Starbucks? Maybe.

6. You’re surviving, but are you thriving?—What’s the best possible “cake” you can make out of each month in the year? A fun analogy for being more intentional in the new year.

5. This is how much you need for your emergency fund—Yes, yes, I know all situations are different, but you have to start somewhere. This is that somewhere. It’s not always bad to be a little prescriptive.

4. How to move forward when you feel like the world is going to end—Even being published just a month ago, this one resonated with enough people to vault into the #4 spot for the year.

3. Are you on the relationship escalator?—A runner up for my own top 10, and similar to the above post about living with a partner, I think it’s important for anyone who is partnered to really assess whether they are being authentic to what they want, and not just doing what society expects of them. The escalator works for some people, but not others. That is okay.

2. Is there a loophole in the new Starbucks Rewards program?—I found a way of earning stars without keeping a balance in a Starbucks Rewards account. Sort of.

1. Socrates, wall-to-wall carpet, and how to deal with unpopular beliefs—Glad to see that readers enjoyed this one as much as I did. And months later, I still love my carpet. So there.

It’s always interesting to see how these can differ from my own favorites. But isn’t that the way? I mean, if you interviewed any musician and asked them to speak about their favorite creation, I guarantee it wouldn’t be the same as the fan favorite.

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But no matter what you found interesting or worthwhile, I want to thank you for taking the time to read. Let’s stay in touch going forward as we start year 5 here!

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