Year in review 2015: Your top 10 favorite posts


I wrote about my favorite posts for this year. But what about yours?

I ran a report and came up with the ten most frequently visited posts fro this year, just like I did for 2014 and 2013. Very interesting results.

Your list

10. How to lose 20 pounds on the Slow-Carb Diet (without eating meat)—The Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Diet is renowned for good reason. But you don’t need to support social injustice and systematic violence to do it successfully.

9. Conferring with the enemy (Part 2): Fulfilling minimum spend requirements on a credit card—In which I attempted to hold my nose for a little while and buy things on a credit card. It got me to Europe, but at what cost? (See also Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4.)

8. How to find better award availability on Alaska Airlines using connecting cities—When you choose the layover city, you can save lots of money and get better availability. And it’s totally allowed too, unlike other strategies like hidden-city ticketing.

7. Why foreign transaction fees are (annoying but) no big deal—Spend $89 now to save much less than that later. Really?

6. A letter to myself in 7th grade gym class—For those who want to break character with themselves and accomplish things they never thought they could.

5. Why would anyone want to take public transportation if they didn’t have to?—”Ever lament how so much of your world is filled up with strip-malls and fast food? You have driving (and not-using public transit) at least partially to blame.

4. Challenge: Travel to one new country every year—Not everyone can be this guy. But pretty much anyone can travel to one new country a year. 2016 is around the corner: what’s your plan?

3. Does a mileage run ever make sense?—Want to fly somewhere primarily for the purpose of earning frequent flyer miles? Okay you can stop over in Hawaii if you want.

2. Why AwardWallet and not Mint?—Don’t track your purchases online and let some company have access to your bank accounts. Instead, be intentional and track them yourself. On the other hand, by all means track your frequent flyer miles online. Hypocrisy? You tell me.

1. Your right to park on your street—You don’t own the street. The street belongs to the commons. And the gall of people who assume that they should be allowed to park wherever they want, whenever they want (and for free) is appalling. If your neighborhood is developing, and more people are moving in, you’re going to need move your damn car. And as this one is top on the list, readers clearly either agree strongly or disagree strongly.

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Some of these posts to hit the top 10 were, frankly, a bit surprising. But that’s okay: what I want to write about the most and what you want to read about the most may not overlap exactly. All the more reason that I want to know what you want to read about. Please send me a note and tell me what you think. Thanks!

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