Las Vegas

Amazon Prime doesn’t save you money

You may think you’re getting one over on them when you have Amazon Prime, but Amazon is laughing all the way to the bank. I want you to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. I don’t say this because I hate … Read MoreRead More


The three questions to ask yourself before you gamble (on anything)

(Note from after this post was written: Oy, what terrible timing to write about Las Vegas. My heart breaks for everyone affected by the horrors that transpired there this past week. There may not be any justice or sense in … Read MoreRead More


Fear the timeshare

As I mentioned, I’m writing this from Las Vegas, the place where everyone goes in order to embody the experience of YOLO. It’s a dizzying place, with everything designed to disorient you. And hey, since you can’t seem to find … Read MoreRead More

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The problem with YOLO

I’m in Vegas this week. Everyone has a strong reaction to that phrase, and it’s quite revealing about them. Sometimes it’s, “Ugh, Vegas, what a hellhole“, but more often it’s “Awesome! What kind of craziness are you gonna get up … Read MoreRead More

How can I convince you to not put your spending on a credit card?

  As I never grow tired of saying, being financially aware is one of the most crucial ways to find peace in your life and achieve anything you want. Being rich isn’t the goal, but being intentional and making the … Read MoreRead More