Why you can’t invest in crypto

Many people think that they are investing in cryptocurrencies, but they are wrong, because the very nature of crypto makes this impossible. When it comes to crypto, most people fall into a few categories: “I keep hearing about it, but … Read MoreRead More

Is it worth it now to buy Bitcoin?

Despite the rise in price of Bitcoin, I urge caution against you trying to get rich quick, plus what you need to do before buying any crypto. Wow is Bitcoin trending in the news. First it was Bitcoin’s meteoric rise … Read MoreRead More


The three questions to ask yourself before you gamble (on anything)

(Note from after this post was written: Oy, what terrible timing to write about Las Vegas. My heart breaks for everyone affected by the horrors that transpired there this past week. There may not be any justice or sense in … Read MoreRead More


What about Bitcoin?

A few years ago, the online dating site OkCupid added a new payment option. It said: “Civilization Collapsed? Pay with Bitcoin” This was the first time that I saw Bitcoin being taken (somewhat) seriously as a payment method. Bitcoin is a … Read MoreRead More

Gold bricks

What about gold?

I love talking about investing. A slow and steady plan that can enable almost anyone to ensure a comfortable future for themselves and their loved ones? Yes please, sign me up. When I talk about investing, I speak exclusively of mutual … Read MoreRead More

Stock price on computer

Day trading, or forgetting what money is really for

I was in college during the “dot-com” boom. My lab partner, a cocky dude to be sure, said he spent a lot of his days day trading. And he seemed to be doing well enough, though he never elaborated. While … Read MoreRead More