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Getting your credit score(s)

We think of credit scores as a single number, but in actuality it's more complicated than you might think. You can still get yours for free. … Read More

Why you might get your student loans forgiven now

There is a one-time adjustment happening to certain student loans, but you may have to act fast if you want to qualify. … Read More

How to get your credit report from TransUnion

The credit agency, TransUnion, seems to have the least interesting credit reports, but getting yours from there is just as important. … Read More

How to get your credit report from Experian

I get my credit report from Experian, and learn the truth behind those free credit score commercials. … Read More

How to get your credit report from Equifax

I got my credit report from Equifax and show how easy it is to view your financial history and fix any errors if necessary. … Read More

Simple financial moves: Cancel Amazon Prime

Cancelling Amazon Prime is one simple way of taking back control of your finances from a company that entices you to spend without thinking. … Read More

Better financial habits are easier when you stop using credit cards

The simple act of not using credit cards will naturally lead you into all sorts of other better financial habits too. … Read More

Is socially responsible investing worthwhile?

You may wish to invest your money in line with your values, but what are the costs to socially responsible investing? … Read More

Do childfree people build wealth differently?

Having children affects so many of your life's financial decisions, but what changes for you if you are childfree? … Read More

Buy later, pay now: How mindfulness can make you wealthy

If you can savor the process of acquiring things, you can become wealthy, but if you want everything now, you’ll never have enough. The longer I go, the more I start to believe that practicing intention and mindfulness is truly … Read MoreRead More

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