Year in review 2015: My top 10 favorite posts


Well here we are at the end of the year. At a rate of two posts per week, there have been over a hundred posts on this site since this time last year. I’m sure you haven’t read them all.

Because of all this, just as I did at the end of 2014 and 2013, I present to you a round up of my 10 favorite posts for the year. Enjoy!

My list

1. Your most important responsibility—This might be the most important blog post I’ve ever written on any topic. When I stopped thinking about whether or not I was “deserving”, and started focusing my energies on responsibility, my life changed. Completely.

2. Unlikely Audio Episode 1: Saul of Hearts on reclaiming focus from technology—My first attempt at a podcast. I had so much fun putting this together with Saul, though it took far too long to become a recurring feature. (Also, it’s currently the only place on this site where you can hear me playing music.)

3. Home ownership revisited—I had no idea when I wrote this early in the year that only a few months later that I would become a homeowner.

4. What is integrative financial coaching?—Financial planners talk about money and goals. I do that too, of course, but I also want to focus on your emotional relationship with money. You probably would benefit from a more holistic approach.

5. What karaoke taught me about self-identity—”Real” musicians don’t do karaoke. Then I tried it.

6. Why the flex spending account is ridiculous—Watch me try to find things to spend money on, a preposterous position for me to be in, given everything else I talk about here.

7. The temptation—The beach. Roller coasters. These are my temptations. Yours will likely be different, but for all of us, if we’re not careful they will cause us to make bad decisions. Which I almost did.

8. The surprise I got from spending only cash for a month—I went a month spending only cash. It wasn’t fun, but given what happened, I wholeheartedly recommend trying it.

9. The absolute best way to use frequent flyer miles—Redeeming miles for your travels is great. Redeeming miles for other people’s travels is even better.

10. How to be tenacious—Anyone who says that you can get what you want quickly and easily is trying to sell you something. In my opinion, anyone who won did so by being tenacious.

Thank you!

I also want to thank all of you for reading. It means so much to me.

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I have even more plans for this coming year, and I hope you do too. Here’s to a intentional, fulfilling, and radical 2016!

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