Year in review 2013: My top 10 favorite posts


With the year closing out, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite posts from this year that you may have missed. With two posts a week, that’s over 100 posts, so I’m sure new readers (and even faithful readers) haven’t seen everything.

My list

Since I launched this site in November of 2012, I extended the bounds to include those posts at the end of that year all the way to December of this year. Posts are listed in chronological order.

Why not to say “should”—Your words affect you and those around you in more ways than you realize. Some words you say have the potential to sentence you to a life of regret. This is about one of the most pernicious of those words.

Your credit card thanks you for your generous donation—Rarely do I write a post written all in character (and totally sarcastically too), but I felt like this needed to be framed in a creative way in order to be understood.

Lessons from a burning building—A parable about change and what it takes to make something happen. I find myself returning to the idea of the burning building frequently in my life and my conversations.

How to defeat the lawn mower army—A rumination on sharing and the myth of self-sufficiency. Also, I think the image of an army of lawn mowers, like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, is really funny.

Change your personal narrative—My quest to ride from Seattle to Portland on a bicycle (after having never done anything of the sort ever) informed my entire year and many of the posts that followed.

Be comfortable making mistakes—This one gets an honorable mention just for the jokes about the koi.

Three reasons to avoid bullet points—A post for April Fools Day, making fun of just the type of posts that I write.

On losing a friend—By far the most difficult post for me to write all year, which is why I stand by it so strongly.

The secret life of your money—This one post sums up how I feel about personal finance and how to manage it most effectively, all done through the guise of a Dick Tracy-like motif.

Draw your money graph—You don’t visit this site for my drawings, but where else can you find stick figures jumping off of graphs and hitting their head on the x-axis? Exactly.

If you’ve already read some of these posts, perhaps you’ll like to read them again. And if they are new to you, enjoy! Won’t you perhaps share one of these links with your friends? I’d appreciate it.

Is there a post or a subject that you’ve enjoyed reading about the most? Let me know!

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