Year in review 2014: My top 10 favorite posts


Last year, I highlighted my top 10 favorite posts for the year, and with the year closing out I decided to do it again. This gives you a chance to read some things you may have missed, and also to revisit some posts you may have read already.

To be fairer to the posts written this month, the following list includes posts from December 2013 to November 2014. I hope you enjoy.

My list

Is it possible to be with more than one…airline?—In this post I talked about my switch from flying with US Airways to a new loyalty with Alaska Airlines. And nothing else.

How to spend money—A lot of my posts get into the weeds with details, so I wanted to step back and talk about the decisions we make everyday: when we pay for something, how do we do it? And what’s with the goats?

Forget your credit score (but learn from it)—You do not need to live in fear of FICO. Here’s why, with a little help from Friedrich Nietzsche.

The lesson I learned from the pre-flight safety announcement—A rumination on putting your needs first. I actually had a friend reference this post in a conversation with me recently. “Remember the oxygen mask!” is a very appreciated remark that I won’t soon forget.

Go, if you can, because you can—There are many reasons not to travel. You probably know them all. But here are the reasons to say yes.

Why no one walks (or, this land was not made for you or me)—A rumination on the places we build, and the effects they have on us.

Why self-sufficiency is a myth—There are those who feel like they are “self-made”, and can thrive on their own. They are wrong on both counts.

Your fear is someone’s security (and vice versa)—What do home-ownership, self-employment, and guns have in common?

What I learned about creative legacy from watching Ratatouille—Be unexpected, or follow the recipe? Why does one so often eventually become the other? Is it inevitable?

Get my new e-book: Stick It To The Man!—It took two years of avoidance and then 30 hours of work to push this particular rock over the hill. Luckily, I’m quite happy with the rock.


I’ll also add here two guest posts of mine featured on other sites:

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While I’m proud of all the work here on this site, it means a great deal to me that others have deemed my writing worthy of publishing on their own sites.

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As always, is there a post or a subject that you’ve enjoyed reading about? Let me know!

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