Can you help make places more people-friendly?

  (200th post! Thanks everyone for your support.) I talked before about the pain of being in a place that isn’t designed for you. It might have seemed a bit heavier than the usual fare here, but then again, if we … Read MoreRead More

Why no one walks (or, this land was not made for you or me)

  Recently, I spent some time in a small city in the US Southeast. Stationed in a hotel a few miles from the center of town and without a car, I spent a few days negotiating the area on foot. … Read MoreRead More

The true stars of the Seattle to Portland bike ride

  I took part in the Seattle to Portland bike ride this past weekend. The temptation right now is to talk about how you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. That no matter the obstacles, you can do … Read MoreRead More